Rwandan genocide suspect Protais Mpiranya’s grave found hidden in Harare

The Guardian reports that the body of the world’s most brutal killer Protais Mpiranya who led the Rwandian Genocide has been found at Granville cemetery outside Harare after 20 years of searching.

Mpiranya is the former commander of the Rwandan presidential guard indicted for genocide.

The deceased was found buried under a stone slab bearing a false name.

The UN investigators tracked it down and identified with the help of a critical lead found on a confiscated computer.

The lead showed the hand-drawn design for Mpiranya’s tombstone.

His body was exhumed last month at the request of UN investigators, and Mpiranya’s identity was confirmed by DNA analysis on Tuesday.

Mpiranya died in Harare in October 2006 of a heart attack brought on by tuberculosis, at the age of 50.

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