King Mzilikazi II is set to repatriate Mthwakazi people from South Africa following massive attacks on foreign nationals.

In a press statement, his majesty said he shall be leading a peaceful, but Massive Crusade of his people who are suffering in South Africa, back to their home country of Mthwakazi.

The Crusade shall start from Johannesburg in South Africa on 28th May 2022 and arriving in Bulawayo the following day on 29th May 2022.

Read the statement below

King Mzilikazi will address the nation in the newly revived, free and independent State of Mthwakazi on the same day, the 29th of May 2022.

King Mzilikazi shall thereafter move into the State House in Bulawayo on the same day as his Official Residence and begin to rule over his kingdom.

While Mashonaland is wholly a part of the Matebele Kingdom, there shall be recognised an independent state or country of Mashonaland (presently under the Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe) with the full powers of self-government.

The territory ten (10) kilometres east of the Jameson line as described, which territory is legally a part of the Royal Kingdom of Mthwakazi, shall become the boundary of the independent state of Mashonaland alias Zimbabwe.

All the citizens of Mashonaland currently residing in any part of the Royal Kingdom of Mthwakazi shall be expected to return to their home country of Mashonaland in order to make way for the estimated millions of Mthwakazi people who are currently trapped in the Diaspora.

This is to achieve the following: a) help prevent future disgruntlements and cultural discontents; b) allow the original descendants of Mthwakazi, who have been marginalized for more than a century and a quarter, space and chance to develop and to at least catch with the rest of the region, c) as much as possible correct the wrongs and prejudices of the past.
The settlement known as the Battlefields, which is east of Sanyathi river, east of the town of Kwekwe shall be developed into becoming the Kingdom’s main border town between the Kingdom and Mashonaland.

Please note Mr President: The Ndebele people are not unaware of your brutality and your lack of respect for Ndebele life, together with your government, your security personnel and always with the help the quiet diplomacy of the British government. However, to their king who is also the Father as well as custodian of these Great People and kingdom, each and every life matters, no matter their sins. Hence the king is here to take his people back home, no longer to die in the hands of the Zimbabwean government and South African citizens.

The crusade, which involves other countries as well, should be over within six months. We therefore request yourselves as well as Britain to notify the whole international community of this development. This is government’s responsibility. I have made an official demand to the British government to pay back some of what they owe the Kingdom of Mthwakazi so that we may be able to kick start our economy which they ruthlessly vandalised and looted.

You are Mr President personally accountable and responsible for my safety and security as well that of all my people and kingdom; together with your government, your security apparatus, the British government and the United Nations, which is by definition; the whole international community. We are therefore anticipating no resistance in this whole exercise because you have no moral nor justifiable reason whatsoever to put up any form of resistance.

This letter shall be delivered to other governments through their embassies, together with its attachment entitled: THE BRITISH AND SHONA GRAND PLAN AND THE MATABELELAND GENOCIDE OF THE 1980S CODED GUKURAHUNDI.