Dj Fantan has demanded an apology from H-metro for claiming that he assaulted his wife  for failing to perform her duties as house wife.

Anorld Kamudyariwa appeared before Mbare Magistrate court today.

Dj Fantan produced a copy of the docket showing that he did not raise his hands on his wife.

The docket states that Fantan broke a property after having a misunderstanding with his wife.

He said:

“A copy of the docket with real charges has surfaced and no where on the docket does it say Fantan beats women.

“This information is contrary to what Journalists from the H-metro Tabloid claim to have been told by “police”. Hmetro told the world yesterday that I lock up my wife and beat her.

“You told the public that I had been running from the police which is also another lie. Ndakakutadzirei kusvika pakutsvaka nyaya. I know mune pride but you owe me an apology for cyber bullying and smear campaign against me.

“I would never raise my hand on a woman because I was raised by a strong woman zvekuti in my heart it hurts to be called a wife beater. God knows the truth,” he wrote.