President Hakainde Hichilema held a meeting with his South Africa’s counterpart Cyril Ramaphosa to find common grounds for harnessing development in rich mineral resource countries.

Hakainde said during the meeting, they discussed a wide range of issues paramount to both countries and especially the need to strengthen the trade and investment ties between two Nations and other regional member states.

“And in our continued efforts to turn around our country’s economic standing that was marred with corruption and unstable business environment, we have today held more engagements with varying trade and investment partners here in Cape Town, South Africa who have been doing economic activities in our country.

In our engagements with them, we clearly and categorically stated that ZAMBIA IS OPEN TO BUSINESSES AND INVESTMENTS BUT ON A WIN-WIN BASIS.

We stated that as a new leadership in government we have a clear intent which calls for joint ventures because this is the only sure way that you, our people will feel a part of the God given natural resources such as our minerals.

We also stated that we abhor corruption and shortcuts. We want to create jobs, and equal business opportunities for our people.

Let us all get ready for this economic turn around. The road may look bumpy due to past sins by those who were in office but we won’t dwell on that because we know that God is in it and Zambia will triumph.

You may wish to note that at every platform we make an appearance i.e EU, AU and others, we will continue marketing Zambia and Africa in general.

May God give us wisdom to turn around the natural resources before us into real and tangible things for the benefit of all.”