Freeman Chari slams Jonathan Moyo for discouraging Shutdown Zimbabwe

CCC activist Freeman Chari has slammed professor Jonathan Moyo for discouraging Shutdown Zimbabwe that was set to happen today.

This comes after Jonathan said Mmusi Maimane is not a Zimbabwean, to justify his leading role in a ShutDown Zimbabwe campaign.

Writing on Twitter, Chari said he will choose Mmusi over Jonathan Moyo without a blink because he has never contributed to any suffering nor death of a Zimbabwean like Moyo.

Chari said in as much as people hope for Moyo’s reform, he is a lost cause and unredeemable.

“I have consistently said it here, that Jonathan will never reform. No amount of appeasement will ever gain sympathy from former ZANU PF ministers. It is in their nature to be vile, vindictive and to view alternative ideas with contempt. They are NOT your PEOPLE!”