Ugandan slay queen, Mona Kizz overstayed in Dubai by 91 days

Dubai authorities have revealed that the Ugandan slay queen, Mona Kizz (Monic Karungi), who committed suicide by jumping from the Al Fahad building, had overstayed her visitors visa days by 91 days.

The 24 year old digital influencer was liable to pay a fine of 9,100 (9m UGX) fine.

Speculation is that this was one of the reasons why she jumped from the 7th floor of the Al Fahad building and died instantly on Saturday.

Many young African women in Dubai are facing difficulties and frustrations due to difficult working and living conditions leading to depression.

Some have resorted to unorthodox means of making a living such as participating in the porta potty practice where rich men defecate in their mouths while filming the whole thing.

According to online reports, Monic appeared in one of the porta potty videos that have been released since 31 April.

Experts say many Ugandans in Arab countries are suffering from depression due to overwork, low pay and unemployment.

Some agencies trick Ugandans claiming they will find them jobs, leaving them stranded in Arab countries after pocketing their hard earned money.

After selling off their properties and borrowing money, some Ugandans fear returning back home and resort to unorthodox hustles which leads some of them into depression.

Monic is the daughter of the late Mzee Philip Rubakare of Kympara, Kyeirumba, Kabingo sub-county in Isingiro district in Uganda.

According to her passport, she was born in Insingiro district in 1998.