WATCH as Motswana student, Laone, speaks about her experience studying international law in a small city in China.

Speaking to Jane Bernard YouTube channel , Laone said she wishes she had done more research before deciding to study law in China and she should have studied in Botswana as Chinese law firms are not hiring foreigners.

Laone said she moved to China because opportunities in Botswana are limited but she believes she would have gotten a job much more easily in Botswana.

Other key points from the interview. 

1. The biggest culture shock for her was the food. Everything is in water.

2. Most foreigners have left since 2020 and her boyfriend of 2 years from Rwanda also left and the relationship ended.

3. She loved the free wifi, easy online shopping, security and good transport system in China.

4. Things she does not like about China include people spitting on the floor everywhere and undermining foreigners.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.