Self exiled professor Jonathan Moyo has slammed the hashtag shutdown Zimbabwe that is set to take place tomorrow.

Writing on Twitter, Moyo said the framing of the shutdown is anti-Zimbabwean.

“The #ShutDownZimbabwe framing is anti-Zimbabwean; hard to think or believe it was coined by Zimbabweans.”

Multiple civil society groups have called for a nationwide shutdown strike on May 9, urging all individuals to stay at home.

Moyo questioned why  Zimbabweans in their right senses support the shutting down of their own country.

“Why would Zimbabweans want their country shutdown? A protest by Zimbabweans would be appropriately framed. Imagine “Yellow Vests” in Paris with a “#ShutdownFrance” hashtag!”

In July 2020, state agents cracked down on organisers of planned anti-government protests – arresting dozens, abducting some and torturing others.

Meanwhile, the government has deployed state security agents to crack down on anyone caught on the wrong side of the law.