Tanya Masiyiwa full speech at the Nedbank women in business seminar

Elizabeth Tanya Masiyiwa addressed hundreds of people who attended the Nedbank women in business seminar at the Venue Avondale today.

Tanya has recently been appointed to the Econet board and sits on 8 other boards of large international organizations.

She was not present at the event but she attended the conference online.

Masiyiwa shared her journey to success with other businesswomen and entreprenuers adding that it has never been easy.

Tanya said a lot still needs to be done to empower woman from different backgrounds around the globe.

She said one of her agenda is focusing on women and girls and encouraging them to go into places of leadership, encouraging them to use their voices, and exercise their power.

Masiyiwa is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Simba Education. She is also the co-founder and director of STAR Leadership Academy.

Key points from the presentation

1. Tanya spoke about her time at UNICEF which was her first job. She said she would be the first in and last out at the office.

2. Tanya spoke about how she raised her first $75 000 in venture capital through crowd funding from over 80 000 people, including family, friends and well wishers, some contributing as little as one dollar.

3. Tanya said she grew up going to the office and her first job at Econet was as a tea lady because she was not qualified for anything else.

4. Tanya said she always approaches any new role from a point of humility as she understands that other people have been there before her, and she is building on their work.

5. Tanya said she understands that her mother and father started Econet to make an impact and she wants to carry on their legacy.

Please watch the video below for more details