South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa, has apologised for the activities of the ant immigrant groups called Operation Dudula, that have been targeting foreigners across the country since 2021.

This was said by the Zimbabwe Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Dr Musabayana.

Dr Musabayana was responding to a question from Bulawayo Senator, Khaliphani Phugeni.


My question is directed to the
Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Part of the issue
on my question has been raised by Hon. Sen. Dr. Mavetera. What is
the Ministry or Government doing with regards to these elevated
forms of attacks to our people? There is an individual there in that
country called Nhlanhla Lux Dlamini who is on daily basis inciting South
Africans to go against Zimbabweans. What is the Government doing
in order to protect our people in South Africa and make sure that our
people have universal rights?


Thank you Mr. President of Senate for giving me another chance to respond
to that question. Indeed, there are elevated xenophobic attacks through
cyber bulling activities that happen when some of the organisations go on social media denouncing and encouraging fellow citizens in those
jurisdictions to chase away Zimbabweans.

Our people are no longer
comfortable staying in those countries. Like I alluded to earlier on, as
a Government, we continue to engage South Africans and also to
encourage them to behave as Pan Africanists.

As Pan Africanists, we
are the same family and we must cohabitate. When you look at our
people working within the region, this is not a new phenomenon. It has
happened even during the colonial times.

This is why we talk of
Wenera and so forth. Even here we have people from other countries
coming to work in Zimbabwe, but we have never encouraged such a
negative sentiment which is tantamount to xenophobia.

We continue
to preach the good news to those who are perpetrating violence.
Like I said earlier on, it is not within the policy of South Africa
to chase away Zimbabweans, to harass, punish or get involved in any
act of violence that violates Zimbabweans or any other citizen in that
country. We believe these are criminal elements and at times they are
linked to the former colonialists or some people who have been trying
to avenge the land reform by inciting acts of violence.

It is not within
the Government policy of South Africa. Like I said before, the highest level of diplomats in that country with the chief diplomat of South
Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa apologised and denounced such
acts of violence. Of late, they have been dispersing any gathering that
involved xenophobic attacks.

So we continue to engage and our
embassy in South Africa continues to engage the South Africans
whenever we believe there are some acts constituting xenophobic
Over and above that, as a Government we have had policy
reforms that are increasing production in this country.

production increases, employment also increases. When employment
increases, some of our people who are working out there will also be
absorbed back home. Our policy reforms are the long term solutions to
some forms of xenophobic attacks. It is not only South Africa doing
that, there are many other countries doing similar acts of violence
against Zimbabweans. We know names that Zimbabweans are called
in other countries even before independence, even before the New

This is what has been happening over the years and we
are saying our economy is on a rebound – we registered more than 7%
growth last year, we expect more than 5.4% this year. That points to improved employment and as we approach the middle income
economy, it means more and more people will find comfort in staying
in Zimbabwe.

I believe that is the long term solution to our problem
and Zimbabwe remains open to receive back those people who have
challenges when they are out there. I submit Mr. President Sir.