Award winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has slammed the rulling party ZANU PF for hoisting a Chinese flag at the new Zimbabwean parliament in Mount Hampden.

Writing on Facebook, Hopewell said the Chinese take over of Zimbabwe is now complete.

He said ZANU PF has sold the country together with everything it has to the Chinese.

“Now imagine if this was an American flag hoisted at a new Zambian parliament, imagine the noises on this App from the ZANUPF supporters and their closet cousins!

The take over is now complete in Harare!

And never give us stupid lessons on imperialism when you have sold our country together with everything it has got to the Chinese, you are the real sell outs!

Shameless, you are not even embarrassed to have another country’s flag hoisted at our country’s parliament!

Heee America this, heee Western that, you are the puppets of China!”