Angry Kuda Musasiwa quits CCC

Popular Zimbabwean entreprenuer Kuda Musasiwa has announced that he is quitting Citizen Coalition for Change due to internal attacks from opposing factions in the CCC.

Kuda confirmed on his Twitter handle as he went on to say he will be surrendering some stuff for the 7th by-elections, regalia and funds he had in his possession.

He said he didn’t want to “quietly” walk away to avoid leaving room for doubt so that those who want to associate without him can do so without him being invovled in any way.

Musasiwa said:

“I have to hand over some stuff for 7th ByElection & some regalia & funds collected then I’ll be gone It was more important for me to feel like I was participating that it is important to the movement. The show will go on regardless.

The current machine can be defeated if a lot more people with expertise, resources, passion and drive step up to assist our political leaders.This doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to others. The lesson is for a “sinner and misfit” like me is: don’t keep fighting to be where U are not wanted.

Let people Drink from their village well freely! You either die a hero or live long enough to see urself become the villain.Aight peace! Let me get back to my life. If you don’t like strong language, Hiphop stories, monkey updates, diverse opinions and brutal honesty then please please unfollow/block me. Twitter following is not compulsory. Seriously try it. You won’t regret it”