H-metro reports that House of Grace International church leader, Prophet Sham Hungwe, has been accused of cheating on his wife with a married womam Rumbidzai Rusike .

Sham got the husband Ignatious Magaya arrested for calling him an idiot and got some soldiers to terrorise him.

Magaya said his wife started going to prophet Sham’ church after he was arrested for buying stolen clothes.

The man of God allegedly prophesied that Magaya had a pregnant girlfriend and that he was going to be sentenced 8yrs because he forcefully took from the owner a mercedes benz.

Below are some of Magaya’s chats exposing pastor Hungwe.

“I was arrested June last year and everyday my wife would cook and bring food at remand, everyday. I then asked her not to come everyday but on weekend because we had a creche we were running and parents were now complaining about her absence. I tell u I had to really persuade her to agree to that arrangement koz she wanted to come daily. A niece of mine was now coming instead.She started to go to prophet shame church in October last year. After the prophecy and being told I need to return the Benz to its owner or I’m going to jail.

She was given a post at church, to write testimonies as shame prophesied. Akaiswa padhuze. At first she would complain him calling her when she was not yet at church on Saturday and Sunday, the time she would’ve come to visit me. Aitodzima fone kuti auye first kuzondiona then ma weekend aya were now once in two weeks, once a month until once in two months.

I got discharged and acquitted in September this year. I went home and we were one happy family. Until one day we are at creche and prophet shame came, called my wife outside the gate. He was in his car. I got out of the gate, the way he looked at me, he frowned. My car was also by the gate .I went to the car to put my fone on charger .He suddenly then left, without greeting me or anything besides frowning.

That nite we slept like strangers in our bed with my wife.Mind you for the past 8-9 days we are busy like rabbits. The next day my wife spent the whole day not at creche. I asked her why.She told me she had lots on her mind. After work she said she was goin to church. Somehow I suspected something being wrong koz the sudden change after the visit by shame worried me.I later followed her at church and she wasn’t there, neither was the prophet. It was announced that he wasn’t coming. Her fone was off. She didn’t come home that nite. Next morning at creche she told me it’s over. Y, no reason.

So I suspected that watever was talked abt outside my gate had something to do with her sudden change. So I asked the prophet why he destroyed my family and he told me instead of attacking him I should be beg him if I want to be reconciled with my wife. Then next I heard police at my door at 1pm with him hanzi we come to arrest you. I told the police they are free to take me but the man they are wit is staying with my wife. My son had now told me about his late visits. I was later called to Waterfalls police and I went. The charge was that of calling him an idiot. I showed them his texts to me calling me thief, looser , fool. The investigating officer said let me just record yo statement and u go home koz it seems we are shouting at each other. But the officer in charge was just millin around like an interested party.I was locked up regardless of the fact I had gone to the police on my own.

Next morning he didn’t show up and told the police he was at the inauguration of ED. He later came kupolice kuma 5-6 ikoko. Asked to speak with me.That’s when he told me that now that his relative was in power he’s not afraid of anyone anymore. He’s now even guarded by soldiers . So he tricked me, hanzi I spoke wit yo mom she begged me to drop the charges, she wanted to come but she’s complaining of her legs.My mom is diabetic and that touched me. I agreed to have the charges dropped.

He was apparently in a hurry hanzi I was tasked by ED to go to Kigali on a mission my plane leaves at 9 that evening. So he wrote the affidavit and I was released. That was now around 7. I didn’t go home. Then around 8 my wife’s car passed by that along masocha Ndlovu. I followed her at a safer distance. She then stopped near gogo dorcas hospital and parked. I did the same. After abt 2mins prophet sham passed me going towards my wife. She got out and I followed her into town. They met up with a presidential guard soldier. Those that I’ve been shown pics of by shame. I confronted them asking him wat he was doin with my wife. He was at a loss anga atambiswa front asina kuudzwa danger yacho.I threatened him and he said let’s go ku police. We were at corner chinhoyi and samora. We drove into rotten row koz I was following them, then he turned and went to zanu pf headquarters . I sensed danger and I drove back into town, now my car needed fuel.I went to Total and as I was fueling up the soldier came blocked me paservice station told me to follow him. As I drove out there was another car that was blocking me. It had soldiers inside, ipsum but I kept on and he stoped and wouldnt let me pass and followed me again. I had to out speed them to escape.

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