WATCH LIVE: Is Hakainde Hichilema up to the task?

Watch Live as Gambakwe Media looks at the recent moves by Zambian President, Hakainde Hichilema who is on a mission to transform the Zambian econony.

The Zambian economy is poised for massive growth as President Hichilema has managed to gain goodwill internationally in the few months that he has been in office.

Zambians are now reaping the rewards of a new government that is led by an entrepreneurial President.

Grants for entrepreneurs

After a slow start, Hichilema appears to have found his feet and is now focusing on youth and women empowerment after unveiling a number of grants in the past few weeks.

The grants will be provided through government ministries to deserving projects.

Dialogue with business community

President Hichilema launched a dialogue platform this weekend at Mlungushi conference centre. The dialogue will allow the Zambian government and industry leaders to work together in areas such as employment creation and

Key Priorities for President Hichilema

The key priorities for Hichilema are growth, debt reduction and employment creation. Hichilema has correctly identified that both growth and employment creation will come from empowering youths and women.

if the Zambian Kwacha continues to strengthen, Hichilema can it two birds with one stone.

Big obstacles

Inc conclusion, the biggest obstacles to growth in Zambia will be politicization of funding. The application for business funds through ministries is unlikely to result in efficient utilization of funds.

There is also need to reach the countryside, where a lot of Zambians are unable to reach the grants that have been made available.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.