CCC Secretary General Chalton Hwende has advised award winning journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono not to return over 100 goats he received from ZANU-PF.

This comes after video circulating online, ZANU-PF youths threatening to invade Chin’ono’s farm at his Murehwa rural home on Sunday.

Writing on Twitter, Hwende saidd CCC will protect Hopewell’s farm against ZANU PF hooligans.

“We should never allow this to happen to one of us. They will find us there protecting @daddyhope goats. No goat will be taken.”

Hwende said Zimbabweans have been abused for a long time it’s time to say “Enough is Enough.”

Chin’ono ‘s employees admitted on ZTV that the journalist was given goats by ZANU-PF officials as part of a community initiative.