Popular socialite and business woman, Natalie Mammi Chloe real name Natalie Melody Mhandu, has been forced to publish her HIV results after it was revealed that she was dating the late flamboyant Zimbabwean millionaire businessman, Obert Karombe.

Please see Natalie Mhandu ‘s HIV results below.

The revelations of Natalie ‘s relationship were made in the gossip group, Mafira Kureva Chipoko Nation.

Natalie Angrily responded to the posts and denied that she had HIV. She however made no comment on whether she dated the late Karombe, who was known for his love for slay queens.

Revealing the results, Natalie said.

Let’s not project our insecurities on other people and troll others to feed our broken hearts. Everyone has a trigger when pushed they react.
Tell that girl dragging me using old pictures won’t close that hole in their heart. She must seek help, calling me hure won’t change the fact that she feels inferior.
If she wants a live test we can go there too!