Mysterious events occur at Obert Karombe ‘s midnight burial shock Zimbabweans

Zimbabweans are shocked after flamboyant Zimbabwean millionaire , Obert Karombe, was buried inside his Rolls royce coffin, at midnight, on the grounds of his Mutare mansion.

Karombe died in a head on collision with anrmy truck near Beatrice, about 60km from Harare on the Harare-Masvingo on Sunday.

Karombe’s strange burial has raised questions over the source of his wealth with some convinced he was into black magic.

Midnight burial are rare custom amongst Zimbabweans as this is considered to be a taboo.

Karombe’s family is yet to issue a statement on why his funeral was held at night.

It was observed that no women were present during the burial,  with the family taking over from all burial processes.

Rumours are awash on social media that Karombe’s coffin could not fit into the measured grave, until some unknown men in white suits came and threw soil on the coffin.

Please watch video of Karombe’s burial below: