Obert Karombe’s wife will not inherit anything as African Goddess (Kumbirai Ellen Bosha) had a secret wedding with the late Mutare businessman.

Karombe  is said to have secretly wedded African Godess after their engagement on Valentines day, making her the rightful person to inherit his riches as she is the only officially registered wife.

The first wife in Zimbabwe will not get anything from the vast South African empire as no court wedding had happened between her and Karombe.

The late Karombe had opened new businesses for African Godess in South Africa. He also built a  mansion for her in Brooke view Estate, Harare.

According to online sources, Karombe has given control of his business to African Goddess, with his fleet of cars now permanently parked at her other mansion in Sandton, South Africa.

African Godess also has a chicken farm and Karombe had bought her a fleet of fuel tankers, while his first wife was a Housewife.