The 1994 Ruwa UFOs incident is one of the most famous UFO cases in Africa.

June 2021 episode of the BBC’s Witness History, describes the event as “one of the most significant events in UFO history”.

There was a  UFO sighting outside Ruwa, where 62 students at the Ariel School aged claimed that they saw silver crafts descend from the sky and land on a field near their school.

Creatures dressed all in black then approached the children and telepathically communicated to them a message with an environmental theme.

The entire incident lasted about fifteen minutes. When the children returned to class they told the teachers what they had seen but were dismissed. 

The sighting was reported on ZBC Radio, from where Cynthia Hind learned about it. Hind visited the school the next day. She interviewed the children and asked them to draw pictures of what they had seen.

She reported that the children all told her the same story.

Many of the children sought counseling after the event as they were terrified by the site of the creatures.

This shocking story has been analyzed for years and to this day, has yet to be debunked.