Popular socialite, Hazel Justinah has accussed Obert Karombe of killing her brother, Shepherd Mashodo, 10 years ago in a fuel deal gone wrong.

Justina took to social media to celelebrate the death of Karombe who perished in a car accident on Sunday

Below are some of her posts:

I remember after my brother ‘s funeral I had a dream when he said, “Let it go. This is my fight and I will surely make sure that I fight back.” Years later the friends are dying mysteriously.

My brother’s killer died in a miserable car crush. There is no peace for the wicked. After 10 good years, Karma didn’t loose the address 🥺

What a happy day. So much to be grateful for nothing is as peaceful as seeing God answer your prayers🙏

God revenges. The fact that I won’t see my brother’s killer enjoying life Gives me peace. He is off the streets for good ✌️

God knew how evil Goliath was that’s why he allowed David to silence him for Good. May God revenge on your behalf .🙌🙌

My brother was shot 2 times and he was left for death .He struggled for more than 10 hours that’s when a man passed him called an ambulance but when it got there it was already late. He bleed till the last drop of blood on his body. 💔my brother’ s death was one painful one. He didn’t deserve it.