Collins Mnangagwa scammed

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s son Collins was allegedly scammed by warriors top fan Alvin Harry Jnr Zhakata.

Writing on Facebook, one Tirimusango Wenje said in February this year, Zhakata called saying he was stranded in Cameroon and needed money seriously.

Wenje said he had to ask Mnangagwa to send him us$1200 which was enough to get him back home.

“I am disappointed , He is a scam artist In February Alvin Harry Jnr Zhakata contacted me saying aripama1 akuda bag and l have to call Collins Mnangagwa for helping him and Collins send him US $1200 “Mupfana asadaro uyu
Tirimusango Wenje”

Alvin has been accused of lying about his alleged predicament in Cameroon and has been described as a nuisance.