Dudula wants Zimbabweans out of UNISA

Anti immigrants group, Operation Dudula has now turned its attention to the University of South Africa,  which they claim is being run by Zimbabweans.

Ghost Twitter accounts run by the group have been whipping up emotions this week, demanding that Zimbabweans working in the academic and operational departments should make way for locals.

Popular Zimbabwean born SABC broadcaster, Peter Ndoro,  was forced to call out one of the Dudula ghost Twitter account which uses the name Pepsi Cola over the claim that Zimbabweans run UNISA.

Ndoro tweeted a picture of the UNISA executive team, which has no Zimbabweans.

However,  Pepsi Cola responded that Zimbabweans are running the academic, exams and day to day operations of the University.

Another Dudula  ghost Twitter account,  @Lekgolokoe, blamed Zimbabweans for the drop in standards at UNISA.

He claimed that’s Zimbabweans at UNISA are bogus academics.

The ideas of Dudula appear to be gaining support among ordinary South Africans, who are struggling with high unemployment,  inflation and retrenchments.