Chamisa ‘s rally singer Ricky Fire not paid – begs for help to buy food

CCC leader Nelson Chamisa’s rally singer Ricky Fire is begging for any amount of money to buy food and support his family.

Speaking during a Facebook live yesterday, Ricky pleaded with his fans to donate even one dollar to assist him work on his new album.

Please watch Ricky Fire speaking below.

The dancehall chanter has started a Gofundme to assist him get the money he is desperately looking for to save his career.

Ricky said his main goal is to have enough capital to be able to work with Oskid, Dj Tamuka, Cymblex, Sunshine, Mountzion, Lazzie T and Kutso.

He also said his estimated budget is us$4000. He said the video from Blaks costs us$1500 while the video from Andy Cutter is is$1500. Producers (Recordings) 1000usd.

To help him with any amount you can Clink Go Fund link below and donate. World Remit, Mukuru, Money gram or Eccocash details— Tulani Takavada 0772883861 (59-071040 b04)