Mai Tt exposes fake SA runner Felistus Sakonda

Socialite and comedian Mai Tt has exposed a lady identified as Felistus Sakonda’s fraud deals.

Writing on Facebook, Mai Tt said Sakonda has stolen $80 000 usd from her customers who ordered blankets.

Sakonda is the CEO behind the Zimhondi Blankets a company buying and selling blankets in Harare.

The runner worked with another lady only identified as Tendy. The two fraudsters allegedly left for South Africa.

Mai Tt said:

Her name below is Felistas Sakonda some time back. , about last month, she called her mainini who resides in Hopely Farm zvikanzi titsvagireyi munhu anoda basa re3 days kungocollecter mari mutown. Mainini ndokuudza nextdoor neighbor who is Chipo about the job vaccancy. Chipo accepted ndokusangana nevarungu vake Felistas Sakonda and Tenday Lucy Nyasha Takaedza.
The 2 showed Chipo shop ndokumupa 2 blankets to put on the counter.
Now Harare customers started paying the moneys to Chipo and receiving receipts with a promise of their delivery soon.
According to Chipo she says these bosses would call her voti huya nemari yawawana paFood World Copacabbana.
Within 2 days Chipo started to question why you do not want customers to know your other personal numbers also why you do not enter the shop when collecting money ?
As for the promised customers, days turned to weeks to a month now still no delivery was made whilst these 2 slayqueens are nowhere to be found .
We have Chipo, the Mainini of Felistas now help us find Felistas Sakonda and Tenday just like how you helped us in finding these 2.
Mbavha Mujeri maComrades kuslayer nemari dzevanhu 😭😭
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