CCC Secretary General Chalton Hwende is in trouble with Nelson Chamisa after attacking USA.

Chamisa, who is aligned to USA foreign policy, has promised to deal with Hwende.

Hwende ‘s tweets have angered many CCC supporters, who feel that his views are unsubstantiated conspiracy theories, which will alienate the USA who have always stood by the party.

Hwende took to Twitter to blame the death of Libyan leader Mu’ammar Al-Qadhdhāfī on America.

He said: “Brother Leader killed for advocating for the unity of Africans (United States of Africa) and a common African Currency (Gold Dinar). We must continue pushing for these dreams and end the dominance of the US$”.

Commenting on the tweet, people were quick to higlight that Gaddaffi was killed by Hwende and CCC’s friend as they are known for seeking America’s intervention in Zimbabwe’s politics.

Hwende denied being friends with US saying he has never been to the American embassy in his entire life let alone the USA.

Hwende, who recently attended a Zimbabwe Independence celebrations event hosted by Zimbabwe President, ED Mnangagwa in Bulawayo, appeared to be unbothered by Chamisa ‘s threats.

He later tweeted:

165k impressions, we must discuss African issues as Africans pachedu.