Popular musician, Amara Brown, has described how she started losing her hair.

Writing on Facebook, Amara said :

🔱 Oh @reinahaircare 😻

I spent the better part of my 20s believing stress was normal. Eventually I developed Alopecia. Ghastly bald spots in the center of my fro, as my hair was falling out from the root. I was forced to face the fact that our emotions affect our bodies, intrinsically.
To be honest, the shower scene in Tichichema was closer to home than I had the courage to express at the time.

I’ve discovered that when you’re happy your body responds with great health. Disease is dis- ease; a body not at ease, and it cannot thrive in an environment that caters to joy. A little work on the inside paired with a hair care routine on the outside is literal gold.

After my big chop (Sep ‘21) I’ve seen my hair grow marvelously. My hair care routine is consistent, and I stress less by design. 🤗
Special thanks to Reina for creating such a powerful product 🧡

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