Chin’ono says Chamisa must not explain everything to supporters

Award winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono says Nelson Chamisa and his party CCC must not explain everything to supporters.

In a Twitter thread, Hopewell said it is ridiculous to expect them to tell supporters everything because some of the demands from people are very disappointing.

He said citizens must understand that Chamisa and his leadership are not fools.

“They make tactical decisions & they don’t have to explain everything to us,” he wrote.

He added that people should allow the opposition leadership to lead and to explain where doing so doesn’t compromise individuals and their sources.

“Tweets and @TwitterSpaces that push these ridiculous demands do nothing but demoralize citizens. . Let us not be counterproductive in our discourse!

“Those with CCC proximity should use it to advise instead of bashing CCC publicly, it adds no value other than demoralizing citizens. Why don’t you use your proximity to advise? Let us be tactful in how we engage and avoid destroying the voter registration energy, PLEASE!!