Zimbabwean shot dead in Soweto Dudula operation

No stolen cables were found during the Dudula operation

Multiple sources have confirmed that a Zimbabwean was shot dead during a Dudula operation in Soweto this afternoon.

Police confirmed that five other people have been hospitalised after an altercation between Dudula members and Zimbabweans in an informal settlement.

Dudula alleged that  the Zimbabweans  at Chicken farm in Kliptown and Pimvil are members of a syndicate that deals in cable theft in their area.

However, no stolen cables were found during the Dudula operation.

The death of the Zimbabwean in Soweto follows the death of two other Zimbabweans who were beaten to death in Limpopo in another mob justice incident.

In that case, the Zimbabweans were accused of stealing copper cables. However, no cables were found on the dead Zimbabweans.

Writing on his official page, Nhlanhla Lux Official, Dlamini said:

We just got shot at with AK47s and R5s in Soweto!

Zimbabweans and Sotho Nationals opened fire in a SA🇿🇦 community crowd that was attending to cable theft.

My guys got hit!
My guys got hit!
My guys got hit!

Commanders Commanders

Fede fokol🤙🏾

Writing on Facebook, PutSouthAfricaFirst said:

Nhlanhla Lux & #OperationDudula members were shoot at in Soweto, One person died and other’s are wounded , all 5 are currently in hospital!

Cable Thieves Attacked Amadudula for protecting our Country’s Infrastructure! 😭😭

The Battle lines have been Drawn Commanders , foreigners in SA feel entitled & they can do such rubbish !

Hambani #Voetsek

Operation Dudula leader, Nhlanhla Lux Dlamini, can be seen at the scene in videos of the scene posted by the group, appearing to be standing over the body of the dead Zimbabwean.

A Dudula female member can be seen being escorted away from the scene a blood oozing out of a wound on her shoulders.

Asked by SABC news if police should not act proactively on Dudula, a SAPS spokeswoman said they can not arrest the Dudula members as they March in ‘thousands’.

Please watch the videos below for more details. 

Please watch the videos below for more details.