Job Sikhala attends Makandiwa Easter conference in Chitungwiza

The Citizens Coalition for Change(CCC) Vice National Chairman Job Sikhala attended Emmanuel Makandiwa’s Easter conference in Chitungwiza.

Writing on Twitter, Sikhala said he was one of the dignitaries at UFIC after Makandiwa extended his invited.

“Yes I ws given an unprecedented standing ovation when I ws introduced as one of their invited dignitaries 2day at UFIC. UFIC is in my territory in Chitungwiza.”

Sikhala said he accepted the invite as a move to clean demons and witchcraft left in Chitunhwiza by Mnangagwa.

“I accepted their invite bcz I also wanted 2cleanse the demons & witchcraft left in our territory by Mnangagwa yesterday”.