Socialite and comedian Mai Tt has revealed that she almost died two weeks before her extravagant wedding held in Chisipite, Harare.

Mai Tt narrated her horrific experience on Facebook, revealing how she almost died in her sleep.

She said:

Told you was hospitalized 2 weeks before my wedding right ? This s what happened.
I was sleeping in my bed and all of a sudden a shadow appeared fron my mirror 🪞 started fighting with me wanting to drag me in the mirror. I fought the woman figure in the mirror and was shouting Jesus all the way .
My daughters room is close to my bedroom she heard the screams and came running in my bedroom ,it was midnight and according to her , she says she saw me throwing fists in the air yet she saw noone except for me throwing fists and shouting Jesus. She woke everyone up and they came running ,my body was now very sweaty and very hot , wet blankets all over and immediately they called my parents who were out of town by that time .

My husband was called too he was on video call praying and speaking in tongues even my househelps started praying , my kids crying .
Fifi called her School Pastor who immediately drove midnight and they started praying , in all this I did not even know what was happening. According to me I was sleeping yet all this was happening.

My Temperature was boiling and they then took me to a 24 hr hospital wich was close that night the doctor in charge was shocked with the temperature and the Bp .
Was admitted and put on drips ,
The only time I gained consciousness was the nextday I woke up in a hospital bed and there was my mom who had driven all night long from Buhera were they were ,after hearing the news.
The whole family and church members were taking turns to see me .
Whilst in the hospital.

My people when you see people saying kunevaroyi, kune vanhu vanobata zvakaipa trust me variko but kudenga kunaMwari anokunda muroyi.

Somethings you take as jokes people threatening you doing incantations, thinking it’s just playing nooo
People are evil 👿. I witnessed it before my wedding but I’m here today thanking God who won and always wins the battles.

All I can only say is watch and pray in everything you do . The Devil is not happy he doesn’t like it when the chains break , he only enjoys when you are a laughing stock, when you cry , he feeds on your pain and enjoys the shame he puts you in .
Pray and again I repeat Pray 🙏.