Mai Tt says Kelly Khumalo left her bankrupt

Newly wed Felistus Murata popularly known as Mai Tt has revealed that SA singer Kelly Khumalo left her bankrupt.

Mai Tt spent more than US$100 000 for her extravagant wedding.

Posting on Facebook, Mai Tt said one of the expensive things at her wedding was bringing Kelly Khumalo.

One of the expensive things on our wedding was bringing Kelly Khumalo here 😩it was worth it at the end of the day it was my daughters dream just to hug her and also I’m a huge fan of her , I fell in love with her on Empini .
Dear Kelly you left us bankrupt 😂but it’s ok sisi it was worth it . Having you grace our wedding is a memory we will cherish.
Thank you ❤️

Mai Tt added that she resonates with Kelly thats why she hired her to perform at the wedding.

“We were not just looking for entertainment but we were telling a story through our wedding, that is why we had this powerful vocal Goddess on our wedding. She reasonates with my life in so many ways but still she Rises. One of the strongest woman I know and respect ✊. Just her being there ?she was more than enough .
Once more thank you Kelly Khumalo.”