Uebert Angel purchases new building in New York

Spirit embassy leader Prophet Uebert Angel and his wife Beverley have purchased a multi-million dollar three-storey building in New York City.

The building to be known as the New York Hippodrome is reportedly 13000 square feet with air rights to go to 37000.

Announcing on social media, Angel said: “Bebe and l just took a small bite out of #NewYorkCity, The Big Apple . We give glory to God for watching over His word to perform it early into the year which He proclaimed as “2022 Year of Wonders without Number.”

He added that it was of paramount importance that their presence is felt and known in the world’s most prestigious and major commercial, financial and cultural centre New York.

The man of God is also building the 6 400-seater Harare Hippodrome which will become the largest conference centre in the country.

Angel refused to reveal how much the building cost them.

“Procured a few millions of USD, the facility will be known as the NEW YORK HIPPODROME in keeping with many of our properties in the M.I.C.E category (Meetings, lncentives, Conventions and Exhibitions)”