Mai Samas leaves UK for Mutoko, Zimbabwe

WATCH as Mai Samas as she moved from the UK to Zimbabwe where she has bought a plot where she will be carrying out her business.

Mai Samas says her plot is 3 Hectrares and is about 1,6km from Mutoko center.

The plot has a generator powered borehole. She does not know how much water is in the borehole.


Mai Samas says she also has a family farm which is about 14km away. She will be producing stock feed in large quantities from the farm.


There are existing structures on the plot from the previous owner who sold her the plot.

She hired some local guys to clear the boundary lines in preparation for laying the fence.

Access road

Mai Samas said since she has huge lorries, that were finding it difficult to get on to the plot.

She therefore decided to get gravel from about 7km away which was used to surface the access roads inside the plot.

Staff quarters 

The staff quarters was designed by Mai Samas and is enough for a small family.

Mai Samas says she believes her staff should live comfortably.

Main Building 

Mai Samas says the main building has site offices, storages and will also house chickens.

There is also a pig sty wing which carter’s for weaners, soars and piglets.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.