Patrick Maseko appointed as group corporate affairs and entrepreneurship officer at Old Mutual

Patrick Maseko has been appointed as Group corporate affairs and entrepreneurship officer at Old Mutual ZW.

He announced the new development on his social media pages yesterday.

Maseko said:

I joined CABS, a member of the Old Mutual Group, 10 years ago under the Youth Fund. One of my first responsibilities was photocopying. Funny enough, this duty was not given to me because I was “the new guy” but because the copier was located where senior management had their offices and no one wanted to interact with senior management. I saw that as on opportunity.

On my first visit to “Blue Carpet”, as the offices are affectionately known, I got to interact with a lady I assumed to be the receptionist. That assumption put me at ease because people that work at the front desk have to be nice to clients. So, I hit her with an ice breaker and got the conversation going. Mid-way through the conversation she asked me what I studied at university, I told her, Applied Mathematics, and she told me I sounded like a marketer and needed to consider marketing.

Jokingly, I said I would, and that I will get in touch with the HR lady that processed my papers, to which she responded, “please do, I am her boss”. Little did I know that I was actually talking to the HR Business Partner for CABS at the time, Mundangepfupfu Angeline. Well there have been many sunsets and many moons between then and now but today, I proudly start my new role as Group Corporate Affairs and Entrepreneurship Officer at Old Mutual ZW. I guess that “receptionist” saw something after all.