Owen Mudiwa damages client’s car

Avondale based car dealer, Owen Mudiwa, has damaged a client ‘s car which he was given to sell.

Writing on Facebook, the oversees based client said:

I had a car that was fairly unused in Zim that I decided to sell in January this year due to years of non- use. It probably only did 200km in Harare maximum in the last 4 years.

So I approached Avondale Car Sales owned by Owen Mudiwa. He usually uses his family as his WhatsApp profiles and this gave us the confidence that he would have some sort of moral campus.

After we took the car to his garage- we noted down mileage and they looked around the vehicle and they found that it had no scratches- nothing. We had just had it valeted so that it was nice and shiny at the point of sale.

The first 4 pictures below were of the state of the car when he received it.

The first red flag came when he stopped responding to my messages as soon as the car was dropped off. Literally Zero communication. I nudged him a few times and there was radio silence – only wanting to find out if there had been any one interested in the car. V11 of the initial chat and details below.

I had to send my representative to ring him and he said he was out of town and apologised. I later asked her to do a spot visit at the garage and she found the car there and there was no problem. But still Owen wasn’t communicating.

This week I just reached a point where I was feeling uncomfortable and decided we would go unannounced to collect the car back. It wasnt worth doing business nemunhu akadaro.

To our surprise the car looked like it had just returned from a field trip – first we noted the scratches all over the bodywork- a clear evidence that the car had been somewhere thorny (excuse the pun 😊).

Then the boot liner you see in the first picture was gone and what was left was the spare tyre and a very dusty vehicle. At the front – all the mats were gone and the worst part is that they took our battery and apparently did a part exchange for another one as our battery was faulty 🤔.

All this was done without our consent or knowledge. We tried asking what happened and the boys there kept saying the car had gone out for testing. But shockingly it clocked over 1000 km from the last reading.

Owen appeared briefly and said he was going to investigate what happened as he didn’t know. He quickly disappeared and left my guys there vakangomirira. In the end we just felt grateful that the car was at least still moving and decided to go.

I am usually a private person and would not like to air my dirty laundry in public but pane this case I felt people should know there is a rogue on the prowl. Please be careful pakuendesa mota kumaCar sales especially when you live abroad.

Lastly- he declined to give us our copy of the inventory list. That was the big mistake as now we cannot go to the police to report without proof that we even ever gave him the car in a good condition.

Further pictures of this thug’s details below 🙏