Olinda Chapel accused of scamming woman of €2200

Popular UK based Zimbabwean businesswoman and socialite,  Olinda Chapel, has been accused of scamming a struggling African woman of her €2200.

The woma , Eve Dube Edechukwu made the issue public this morning

Please see the full report on the Whistle-blower Facebook page, V11 Scams by Eve.

Alert!!! be careful of Olinda chapel Director of Gain healthcare limited in United Kingdom; Olinda trades with her other company inonzi care option plus its also linked to Gain healthcare limited, all communications were made through her gain healthcare email address.

Olinda was supposed to help my cousin with her visa and work placement under her program COSs, my cousin had to go through the stress of borrowing money believing Olinda will fulfill her part as she advertised to her; Olinda duped and exploited on my cousin’s weakness because she was desperate looking for a job, thats why made all efforts to borrow a large sum of money because she believe Olinda and thought she was going to pay back the money once she started working for Olinda ss she was promised assistance with her visa and work placement after paying £2200.

This amount was paid directly to care option plus company account, Olinda started giving excuses after receiving payment stating that she was waiting for the home office, then we realised she was just trying to buy time so we later on decided that since the process was taking longer we tried to contact Olinda asking her to refund the full amount since there was no possibility of performance from her side, also time was moving while Olinda was holding her back with false hopes.

When we started asking for a refund that’s Olinda started ignoring all calls and emails.

Therefore I’m left with no choice but to report her anyway where i can get help in order to get back the money Olinda scammed my cousin because we borrowed her that money and sent it to directly to Olinda and she acknowledged the payments though now she is avoiding our calls because we want our money back.

My cousin is suffering in Africa so she can’t pay back all that money, she trusted Olinda because she deceives people online claiming to be rich meanwhile she’s taking advantage of poor and vulnerable people in zimbabwe . Below are the copies of payments that were made to Olinda’s care option plus company account.

Please be careful of Olinda, and if you have any support on how we can retrieve our money back from this con woman who is nolonger answering her phone or responding to emails.

Olinda Chapel-Nkomo stop taking advantage of my cousin sending me an email that you nolonger want to communicate with me meanwhile I’m the one who deposited money into your bank account. All this time you never responded to the emails I sent asking for a refund until now when i made our communication public , you only responded saying its the homeoffice fault but after that email i sent you an email and tried calling you asking for my refund which you ignored unitil now when i made our communication public. I’m not satisfied with your services therefore I’m withdrawing my sponsorship, you can continue promising my cousin and make other payment arrangements with her. You can’t refuse to pay back the money I personally deposited into your account as for me your service are not satisfactory they resemble behaviours of con personalities therefore I’m withdrawing my sponsorship I have received your email asking me to remove my posts i will only remove and update after I receive a full refund from you. Go and check the meaning of defamation, for your own information in England defamation is very expensive to pursue I would advise you to pay back my money and continue to file your defamation case which I know you will not win.


In response,  Olinda said:

Eve Dube Udechukwu your cousin 😂😂😂 you mean YOU. One minute it’s my cousin then you refer yourself in a 3rd person. You are the ones emailing me and when I respond them it’s a problem. We can afford to do a defamation law suit. We have insurance to equivalent of £10million. You are now harassing me


She further revealed the real name of Eve as Dorothy Botha.