WATCH LIVE : Own a lake facing Kariba property for USD 5000

This is not for low income earners.

WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe Media launches the Kariba housing project. This development will be located in Kariba town and will be made up of 25 units, to be developed using a crowd funding model.

Land Cost

Land has been offered to Gambakwe at USD40 000 including transfer and registration costs.

The area is made up of 2600msq private land, which is part of the new infill stands that were made available by council. The land is made up of private land which is usable for building and up to 4000msq state land that we can use for recreational activities and docking.

Development model

We intend to subdivide the land into 25 chalet type units with views which can be used by members when needed and rented out when open.

There will also be common areas that are available for day visitors.

Development costs

Development costs will initially be from the the contributions and as the complex becomes profitable, construction costs will be funded from revenues.


The project is open to Zimbabwean born adults who are resident in  Zimbabwe and also to those who are resident in the Diaspora.

Benefits of building in Kariba

Kariba is a tourist hub on the border with Zambia. The town has vast untapped business opportunities and is ideal for a holiday home or retirement, away from the unhealthy city life. There are many recreational activities in the town with many major companies operating from the city.

Next steps

We are currently looking for 25 members to join the development. There will be an initial deposit of $2000 which needs to be paid immediately on joining to enable us to buy the land.

The balance of $3000 is payable over 6 months and this will be used for the initial developments.

If you are interested in becoming part of this project, and have the necessary funds readily available to pay the deposit of USD2000, please contact Gambakwe on +27 68 526 7921.

General Information 

This project is not suitable for low income earners. This is a completely new project and is not related to the Harare and Bulawayo projects.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.