Hopewell Chin’ono fight with Mukuru continues

Popular award winning Zimbabwean journalist,  Hopewell Chin’ono,  has this morning continued his fight against money transfer agency,  Mukuru.

This is after Mukuru failed to make cash available to hundreds of Zimbabwean customers who are spending hours in queues.

Wriring on Facebook,  Chin’ono said:

Dear Zimbabweans,

I am not like some who are happy with shoddy service.

I am where I am today because I worked hard and smart and will not tolerate any shoddy service.

There are some clowns who are happy with shoddy service, it is called HABITUATION!

Count me out of your habituation nonsense!

I don’t care whether you haven’t encountered bad service from a provider who has shortchanged me or not.

Your experience is yours not mine, don’t be so stupid to white wash my experience!

Zimbabwe is a total mess because of clowns who tolerate shoddy service!

When I have paid for a product, I expect a good and courteous service in return not to pretend like a favor is being done for me.

Businesses are there to make money, clients expect good service in return for their hard earned cash!

If you are not happy with my straight talk, leave this page, you are not obliged to be here.

As long as I am breathing, I will fight for dignity!
Businesses that are genuine will accept where things have gone wrong and fix them.
Full stop!

Followers agreed with Chin’ono and criticised Mukuru for failing to provide sufficient cash at their branches across Zimbabwe.