Broke Mutumwa Mawere ordered to pay R67 Million to IDC

Broke Zimbabwean businessman and politician, Mutumwa Dziva Mawere, has been ordered to pay the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) R67 million that is owed by his company Aldolex.

Judge Motsamai Makume slammed Mawere for abusing the court process and mounting a Starlingrad type process aimed at preventing the IDC from executing a judgement in its favor.

History of the case

Feb 2019 – Court finds that Mawere is liable for Aldolex ‘s debts.

March 2019 – Mawere brings application to rescind the judgement claiming that fraud has been committed.

April 2019 – IDC files answering affidavit to the rescission application.

April 2019 – Mawere files reply to IDC’ s arguments.

November 2020 – Mawere fails to file heads of  arguments within 10 days after a directive by the court.

February 2021 – Mawere applies for for recusal of the presiding officer, and asks that the directive from November 2020 be set aside.

March 2022 – Mawere fails to appear for a scheduled hearing into his recusal and rescission applications.

Mawere told the newspaper that he is not even a director of the company and has asked for the judgement to be reviewed.

I have lodged a complaint about that Judge as he was biased against me….

The IDC was awarded costs at a punitive scale.

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday World Newspaper – 3 April 2022.