Jah Cure sentenced to six years in Dutch prison for attempted murder

Prominent reggae singer, Jah Cure has been sentenced to six years in prison for attempted murder.


Last October, Jah Cure stabbed promoter Nicardo ‘Papa’ Blake in Dam Square in The Netherlands.


Prosecutors had demanded that the Jamaican singer be sentenced to eight years, with time served, for attempted murder and assault.


However, Jah Cure‘s lawyer Tim Scheffer argued that the incident was self-defense and that it was never the singer’s intention to stab the concert promoter in the first place.


Scheffer had also told the court that the threatening messages that Jah Cure sent prior to the stabbing were “part of the Jamaican reggae culture,” according to Het Parool.


During a public hearing on March 8, the prosecution said Jah Cure’s action was premeditated, and that he intended to cause wounding and harm to Blake.


The stabbing followed an argument over money totalling $5000 Euros owed to the artiste by the promoter for a concert at which he performed in Melkweg.


The prosecutor had asked that Jah Cure be sentenced to no fewer than eight years.


This is not Jah Cure’s first run-in with the law.


On April 26, 1999, he was convicted on two counts of illegal possession of a firearm, rape and robbery with aggravation, for which he served eight years of a 15-year sentence.


Jah Cure was released in 2007 and gained popularity from singles ‘Longing For’ and ‘Prison Walls (Reflections)’ released while he was imprisoned.


In 2015, he was detained at a Port of Spain police station after being accused of taking payment for a performance for which he was a no-show.


His album, The Cure, was nominated for a Best Reggae Album Grammy Award the following year.


If Jah Cure, represented by attorney-at-law Tim Scheffer, and the prosecutor disagree with the court’s ruling, both can appeal to the Court of Appeal within two weeks