How Mugabe fired me at 3AM – Dr Olivia Muchena

WATCH as former Zimbabwe Education Minister, Dr Olivia Muchena speaks to Trevor Ncube on her sudden dismissal by Mugabe as a government minister in 2015.

Muchena was accused with others of attempting to overthrow Mugabe.

She was fired from her positions in government, Senate and ZANU-PF.

Muchena said state security agents went to her farm at 3AM with her letter of dismissal but did not find her.

They found her son and his wife who were living at the farm. They then came to her other residence, where she was with visitors, and made her sign the letter acknowledging her dismissal.

Gweru Graduation dismissal 

Muchena said her dismissal from ZANU-PF happened when she was attending a graduation ceremony with Mugabe at the Midlands State University.

She overheard a bodyguard telling Mugabe that the ZANU-PF structures had recommended her dismissal.

After the graduation ceremony, the announcement was made on national radio, while she was still on the way back to Harare.

Dismissal from Senate

Muchena said her dismissal from Senate was eventually finalized in May 2015.

New Book

Muchena has written a new book about all the events in her life and government, which is available at innov8 bookshop.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.