Amon Amonelo Namara a Ugandan national has been granted R500 000 bail in a case where he’s charged for fraud and money laundering.

Amon Amonelo Namara, dubbed the Sandton ‘Tinder Swindler’, was granted bail on Wednesday.

Bail conditions set for him include reporting to a station near him daily, not to leave Gauteng or South Africa and not to interfere with witnesses.

The state has opposed Namara’s bail saying he could interfere with witnesses and he is in the country illegally.

Namara used a relative’s visa to remain in South Africa. He married a South African woman and got divorced leading to the state to believe he is now undocumented.

Amon defrauded a woman, he met on Tinder, a dating site, of R3 million by coercing her to invest the money in his new business venture.

After obtaining the money from her friends, the victim electronically transferred R1.3 million into Namara’s FNB account.

She later withdrew R1.7 million in portions and handed it over to the applicant.

She realised that she was scammed after the accused disappeared.

Namara went on to buy a blue Mercedes-Benz vehicle worth R722 000 from WeBuyCars with cash using the amount the victim transferred into his FNB account,” 

It was not the first time, Namara was convicted of a crime. In 2010, Namara was sentenced to a R20 000 fine or one-year sentence in 2010 for fraud.

He got also a pending case of common assault registered at Sandton SAPS.