Zimbabwean Woman describes how she was rescued from Kuwait

She warns Zimbabwean women against taking jobs in Kuwait.

A Zimbabwean woman has described how she was rescued by Zimbabwe Embassy Officials in Kuwait after she was held in a residence for over 2 years without pay.

The unnamed woman said before she left Zimbabwe, she was told that she would be working for the sister of former Kuwait Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Ahmed Al-Jeeran and was given a contract to sign which was written in Arabic.

On arrival in Kuwait, she was picked up by a man who took her for further HIV tests.

Besides cleaning a 26 bedroom mansion every day, she said her other duties included sleeping with the man when his wife was tired.

She revealed that other women who refused to perform the bedroom duties were killed.

She said was never paid during the two year period as she was always told that she failed her probation.

She was eventually assisted to escape after she found the delivery address on an Uber receipt which she used to alert Embassy staff of her location. The officials parked their car outside the gate and she ran out when the people in the house were not aware.

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