Outspoken Zimbabwean preacher and author, Joshua Maponga has finally explained why he is supporting Ed Mnangagwa over the president of the newly formed Citizens Coalition for Change, Advocate Nelson Chamisa.


In a lengthy statement, Maponga said he is supporting Mnangagwa because his mission is to build the country rather than selling it to the colonizers.


Below is the full statement:


Good Morning DzImbabgwe


Let me put the Chamisa story to rest once and for all. 

I have come back HOME to build not your dream but mine! …I have a dream for this country and will lay down my life for that cause.

The only way I know is to Talk to people and To find each other in unity. I know you all want a piece of me as youth and I would have added value and voice hence the anger. I am talking to the Cook negotiating the menu.

Those in your power circle did not do you justice as they showed no interests to join hands with me. Truth be spoken your leadership for the last 5years never showed an interest ….to talk….to work with me.. to return my calls or messages. I wanted to join but I felt like he was not ready to be challenged and asked questions by a man in diaspora as I was planning my return. So like a normal human being I will take my ideas and give them to those who want and appreciate them. 

 Furthermore at arrival I challenged him to a boxing match (debate of course) and I ended up fighting with toddlers! Who could not even read between the fine margin lines of humour, wit and goodwill. Finally as of last week I send him public questions to answer to which you came with more insults. I forgive you, the fact that you have pubic hair does not make you a father. Some things are ready, but at times admit, you are not ready for them. How do you make a woman pregnant when mumy still buys you underwear?. 

 He has his reasons and I respect him for that! I also have my reasons and respect me for that. I hope it’s not too much to ask.

If you can’t answer a call of a citizens who wants to share ideas with you…how will you answer the calls of a Nation? Yes he is busy with a party, will he not be busy with a nation! Not even a courtesy sms “I will come back to you”. 

Given an option between war and unrest I opt for Peace and negotiations.

On the contrary the President readily welcomed me to a table to talk.. and I found him “as soft as wool”. Even spoiled me to a picture and for your information he is full of subtle humour and enthusiasm. His experience in the Government for all these years gives him the competitive advantage to repair the damage the party has caused for this long. We had a conversation on a variety of issues of mutual concerns inclusive to youth and negative media coverage on a variety of issues in the country to the world. I resolved to build a media house which is underway on which I build a brand around positive news in the country. “If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all. Nyangwe Mai vako vavhiroya haushambadziri mumugwagwa

While at it put context, the Mugabe Regime build me up and destroyed me…I would have joined opposition then… But what I see now is a positive change, for he second Republic is bringing life back into and confidence to the nation.it is in years that I feel like a citizen of a country with problems and State commitment to implement a positive look to the nation.

Yes we come from variety of issue: war, tribal battles, violence, sanctions and challenges national stability. But I will not help a stranger to beat my father and burn the house I will inherit ashes. The oppressor has no agenda to stabilise your economy!

As a people I WARN there is a present and vibrant “third western force” at play in our country and those who co-operate with them compromise our competitive advantage. 

Unfortunately hunger of the nation and frustrations of the youth are genuine as they have fallen prey as you all know that hunger knows no Politics and leaking the boots of the west in faith of an employment economy rather than ownership economy. We all must eat not a prliivillaged few, even those who are coming in.the first five years they will pay back the handlers to leak and clean the boots of the handlers (third force to get funding then the next five years pay themselves, only after they Re full will development start. You will be my age by the. The spill over we see now, means those on top have eaten, and it’s beginning to flow downstream. 

Young people don’t postpone your dreams and delay you progress, its now we take back our economy!

 The President has a huge task inorder to win our confidence

1. To clean up the government of all dead wood and present a functional and effective economy.

2. To mobilise the nation into productive and focused workforce

3. To block national and international fraud and corruption within and without.

4. To improve the inherited delapidated infrastructures

5. To attract constructive investment and keep his eye on the Chinese&West and their unquenchable appetite of local resources at the expense of local communities.

6. To find a middle ground on the cultural tensions and economically improve the Matebeland region which suffered a set back in precious years.

7. To deliberately preferentially procure services from local people and transform the country into a middle income Economy.

8. To find a solution for the currency and stable means of trade. 

9. To local industrialisation the Nation and see viable employment Zimabwean owned economy.

10. To defend the Nation from foreign insurance and capital takeover from foreign based organisation who use local people as “fronts” to usurp power and highjack the autonomy of a Nation.


We all therefore need to push, participate and support the President to do much more and convert these promises and budget into social change. 

 And now you have a problem with me! 

On a very bad note you call me a “sellout, bootleaker” but why is your leadership promises you money from white people, (you clap hands) what is it he would have sold to receive that money” whose boots is he leaking America China or Europe. Has he become the “unlce L” in this century?

The nation must unites under a united leadership, or else division breeds opposition’s and wars.  

The crisis is that some of our leaders are sturbon and have self ambition and personal dreams like all of us do. You have your reasons for working the way you do and so also have reasons that I have thought through to do what I have to do.

 In many cases we don’t share same backgrounds which informs our persuasions and decisions. We go to the salon and come back with a supermarket of hairstyles choices and more choices.

The youth have energy, time and no financial muscle -the old have businesses, institutions of of power and at times no political will to fix the political mess.

But if you are anormal human being, when you see a “small cloud the size of a man’s hands coming out, start to get ready it’s gonna rain”


While in South Afrika and abroad for all this time I had lost hope in this Country, alas I was wrong. Having worked in the media space I have consumed lots of bad news about the country. I changed my attitude when I saw the positive projects and changes which were happening all around the country as an opportunity for entrepreneurs.

The rains were good.. the roads were being improved, factories are opening, Oppositions are apposing and fragmenting, houses are being build, fuel and cars are running, land is being utilised.

I then decided I will come back home and add my voice to encourage those that are beginning to so right to build the Great Nation. By no means am I saying there are no problems but one has to pick the rose in the thorns.

With the present firing of unproductive ministers and government officials, personally I have great faith that the Nation is on the Right Path.

If the food is bad you don’t fight with the cats and kids, go to the cook, your mother ! Address her pokitely and give her suggestions of how you want your meal! Maybe the present generation will go to the streets and stage a demonstration over addition of suger to the tea. Has your pastor not told you … Ask and you will be given..seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you!  

So if CCC/Mdc feeds the poor I will support.. if ZanuPf builds a bridge I will be there, if Zim First builds an offenage I will Support, if ZIMBABWE Indigenous Movement (ZIM) calls for cultural conversations I will add my voice.

Calling each other names and swearing will not help… I would rather have tea with a brother and share ideas than Slander, advise take some and leave some.  

I fully understand your frustration 42 years later.. remember we here after 400years. Those who plant vegetable never eat fruits. You have my word.. give this Regime a chance to implement the projects at hand and participate in the progress then when in power you will have infrastructure.

 Put pressure on the regime to improve living, wage conditions that is their job. Stop making excuses of ministerial scuffles and poor planning. How can you run a country when you fail to run city! 

Good Morning DzImbabgwe! Think on these things!

Maponga Joshua iii Mara-Rah

Mukanya Shoko Yembereka Hwiramiti yaSvovse

Mushambanegore makumbo mana mwise weShanu 

Vana chigaramabgwe matanda anovora

Zvibgwe Vitedza zvinokwigwa navavaman’nga asi varipedo zvitedzera zvinoteszwra varikure varipedo vanotamba nazvo, mutambo uriparuware! 


madzimai nhurururuuuuuu choooooooooooo


Hekani waro Mbire yangu.. Hihiiiiiiiiiii

Gudo haridyi chakafa Choga!