Jackie Ngarande speaks on her failed marriage

Popular socialite, Jackie Ngarande, has spoken after her marriage collapsed.

Responding to a follower who asked her why she was not wearing her ring, Jackie said she left because her husband was always cheating.

Jackie later gave more details and her views on African marriages in another post. Please see the post below:


“Yes, you want to be married someday. Maybe even someday not too far from now, you want to be a mom someday,you want to have a family, a tribe, a home team,But none of those desires discount the value of my life currently, just as it is. And your life is certainly worth way too much to just settle for the first man that comes along. I don’t want you to escape life. And I don’t want love to be an escape for you,I want it to be a sweet, beautiful respite.I don’t know about you…because you didn’t wait this long and come this far to settle for zvese zvese.Dont apologize for that.

Society yauraya vanhu ,Society will tell you ,Haana murume,
Haana kuroorwa ,Haana mwana Haasati azvara .Everytime at a family gathering its left ,right and centre Chingoita hako mwana ,Chingoshingirira ,Chingoroora hako .You don’t have to fake the strength.There is no timeline you must follow. You’re not too late…you’re not too early…you are just where you should be at this moment in your life, so relax.

There’s plenty of time to find love, there’s plenty of time to get married, there’s plenty of time to live happily ever after. And it starts by living happily now by embracing this version of yourself this wild, unsettled, unfinished version of yourself.

Every moment of your life and your journey is so precious and sacred, and it’s so very, very okay that it is completely unique and entirely your own. You don’t have to catch up to anyone or wait for anyone to catch up to you. You can simply go your own way and trust that everything meant for you will come in its perfect time, in its perfect way.

Society must STOP setting bars for people when it comes to life decisions ,you are not only setting bars but destroying and killing a lot more ,Women are still stuck in abusive marriages and relationships bcz of you Society…..,Vanhu Vanozotiii