Shugeta and Anna chibaby Honde Break Up

Prominent Zimbabwean socialites, Dj Tafadzwa Shugeta and her long time girlfriend, Anna Chibaby Honde have parted ways.


Anna Chibaby Honde took to social media to announce that the two broke up a week after new year.


“A week after the new year the Oros family decided to separate yes we broke up. We are happy and I hope we will continue to put smiles on your faces,” she posted.


In another Facebook post, Anna Chibaby Honde questioned her followers how would they feel it their husband or girlfriends compare them to their ex’s.


“How would you feel if your bae/boo tells you kuti you are not even an inch close to my ex when it comes to

Beauty and financial,” she posted.


The break up has also been confirmed by Lorraine Guyo.