SANDF Airforce Base Destroyed by Fire

The South African National Defence Forces Airfoce base in Pretoria has been destroyed by fire.


The fire started in the late evening, at around 19:00, with clouds of black smoke seen billowing from the South African Air Force base outside Pretoria.

The SANDF’s spokesperson, Brigadier-General Mongezi Kweta, said the fire started on the bulk fuel storage facility following a suspected leakage from a burst pump late on Sunday afternoon.


While Kweta said the SANDF had launched an investigation into the cause of the fire, he added that it had no reason to suspect any foul play at this stage.


“I can confirm that it started at the bulk fuel tanks where we store fuel. There is no clarity how the fire started and there is no indication on whether it came from underground or on the surface. Investigations continue to establish further details.”


However according to SANDF spokesperson, the fire fighters have managed to contain the fire.


The fire outbreak at the air force base comes days after the South African Parliament in Cape Town was destroyed by fire.