Mugabe Farm Invaded

The farm of the late president of Zimbabwe, Robert Gabriel Mugabe has been invaded by the ruling party supporters.


According to multiple sources the invaders were already farming on a piece of land which Mugabe acquired after the land reform programme.


The main Highfield Farm near Darwendale Dam was purchased by the former first family before the 2000 land reform, a family member said.


The bloody land reform programme brought Zimbabwe’s property rights and civil liberties into sharp focus, drawing international criticism.


Zimbabwe would eventually be placed on sanctions which are still haunting the country years after his remains were interred in a courtyard at his rural Zvimba home.


The regime led by his long-time mentee did not take long to go after his property, including vast tracts of land which the nonagenarian leader had amassed for himself during his 37-year iron-fisted stay in power.