Man who slapped Thokozani Khupe joins Chamisa

Shelton Tapiwa Chiyangwa, the man who slapped Dr Thokozani Khupe during the MDC-T congress in Harare has joined Nelson Chamisa ‘s new party, the Citizens Coalition for Change.

Writing on Facebook, Chiyangwa said:

Fellow Zimbabweans…….

I never hated President Advocate Nelson Chamisa. I was a serious critic and in the process I chose paths that would massage my anger and bitterness. Today I took time to listen to the recorded presser of the party launch and it was indeed very refreshing and so so promising. The man represents a new dawn and surely am stolen. I don’t even know his vision neither do I know the party’s ideology but am sure the agenda is fresh and is axactly what the Zimbabwe needs right now.

I thought I needed time to think about this politically but realized I could be doing myself injustice.

On this day 24 January 2022 at axactly 23:08 as I type this note I officially choose Citizens Coalition for Change.

Yes call me a political prostitute or all sorts of names I have made my decision. I can’t fight the will of the people forever. I also have a duty to participate in the change that we want. I am doing this for my children and generations to come.

Slap me with insults, raise all the elbows and do all the gate keeping, The message I heard today from President Advocate Nelson Chamisa has stolen my heart and my vote for him in 2023 is nolonger a secret.