Mai Titi pens down emotional message for husband Tinashe Maphosa

Socialite and comedian Mai Titi has penned down an emotional message dedicated to her United Kingdom based husband Tinashe Maphosa.

Writing on social media, Mai Titi said Tinashe changed a lot of thing in her life for the best.

You changed a lot of things in my life not for the worst but for the best . Moulded me back in shape and reminded me of who I am despite all the challenges and disturbances wich Distract my path .You came and filled the other part that was missing and I now feel complete. . My Chearleader, my Teacher , My character correcter 😹.

“Knowing you has been a great achievement because I found a challenge a very strong one for that matter. I put all you taught me and still teaching me in action and it’s working amazingly for me . I can never leave you for anything or anyone because I strongly believe you are Godsent. Never mind what they say , it will never take the love I have for you my husband. I love you so much always bear that and I know you love me too .
My Pastor ❤️❤️❤️Tinashe Maphosa”